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“Otin flewer Studio” was started by artist Anuj Ravi to put together different art forms and mediums that he happened to work with over the years.

Otin Flewer Tattoo shop was opened in summer, 2012, and is always looking for new opportunities. Visit Otin Flewer studio and get your mark today. All we really ever own is our skin. Decorate it.

Creating artwork that describes state and expression.

-Anuj Ravi-

Anuj Ravi

Clause of silence is the first book on poetry published by Tattoo Artist Anuj Ravi in 2012. I love to scribble random and other times I decorate. Origin of Tattoo - the permanent story of Body Art.

Ink Expert

Professional Tattoos artist.

Range of different styles, designs and beautifully personal tattoos. He aims to create masterpiece for everyone. Skin is the only place we truly own. Decorate it.

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Visit Otin Flewer Studios for Tattoos & Artworks, Hauz Rani, New Delhi 17

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